Islandpferdehof Blumencron

Welcome to the homepage of the Müller v. Blumencron family.

2019 has been a very exciting year for our farm. We now have not one but two horses that will participate in the Icelandic Horse World Championships this August in Berlin. One horse will be shown as a breeding horse for the German Team. He was presented by Frauke Schenzel at the FIZO, and scored the highest score for 5 year old stallions. He is after Teigur vom Kronshof.

The other horse to compete at the World Championships will be Tilberi von Blumencron who will represent the Canadian Team in Sport. He was at the 2013 World Championships under the same rider for T2 and V1.


Tilberi was the first foal born at our farm, and was successfully trained and presented by Oliver Mueller von Blumencron. After Tilberi, we bred many more horses to famous stallions such as Hnokki frá Fellskoti, Álfasteinn frá Selfossi and Hersir frá Lambanesi.

We currently have the World Champion Prins från Knutshyttan covering mares at our farm.


These are just some of the dreams that we have here at the farm right now, but we have many more plans for the future.

We hope that you can join us!



Besides horse boarding, teaching and training, we also breed Icelandic horses. With our first prize mares DE2005284349 Lýdía von Birkenlund, IS1996236526 Framtið frá Svignaskarði, IS1998284551 Rán frá Þúfu í Landeyjum and DE2008222123 Snerpa von Blumencron we aim to breed riding horses, which are easy to handle for both experienced and beginner riders. Our offspring are bred to have good riding abilities and thus be suitable as competitions horses.


 Oliver and Rómeó winning

Oliver and five years old Rómeó von Töltmyllan won the futurity tölt and fourgate class at Norderheide´s tournament in summer 2018. They got 7,0 for tölt and galopp. Congratulation to both of you!


 Snerpa & Svipa successful at the German Championships 2017

Our mares Snerpa and Svipa von Blumencron were both very successful in Wurz, German Championships 2017. Snerpa was second-best in her class of the 7 years old mares. More Photos you will find here.


DE2008222123 - Snerpa von Blumencron - Mares 7 years and older:

Conformation: 7,5 - 8,0 - 7,5 - 8,0 - 9,0 - 7,5 - 8,5 - 7,5 = 8,09
Rideability: 8,5 - 8,5 - 9,0 - 8,5 - 8,5 - 8,5 - 7,0 = 8,48
Total: 8,33


DE2012222730 - Svipa von Blumencron - Mares 5 years

Conformation: 8,0 - 8,5 - 8,5 - 8,0 - 7,5 - 8,0 - 8,0 - 8,0 = 8,09
Rideability: 8,0 - 8,0 - 7,5 - 8,0 - 8,0 - 7,5 - 7,0 = 7,77
Total: 7,90




Breeding show in Verden - May 2017

In May 2017 our Snerpa von Blumencron was presented at the Fizo in Verden. She got 8.5 for tölt, trot, pace, canter, spirit and general riding impression; walk 7.5. Conformation 8.02; total 8.27. At the moment (June 2017) this is the second highest result of the mares 7 y + in Germany. Snerpa and her 5 year old daughter Svipa von Blumencron will be presented at the German Championships by the end of June 2017.



Tilberi von Blumencron

We are very proud of Tilberi, our first horse born in 2004, who in spring 2013 had reached 2th place of the German ranking.

Tilberi von Blumencron was the winner of the Norddeutsche Hengstparade 2013 with an overall standing of 7,47, winner of the Norddeutsche Meisterschaften 2012 with 7,30, winner of the Lókka-Mót 2012 and many more.


2013 Tilberi was at the World Championships in Berlin and reached under his canadian rider the 17th positon. His total was 6,96, best german horse in T2.

Read more about Tilberi at the World Championships (more)


Future Breeding

We are sure that the future breeding of our horses will be very exciting.  In 2018 we got two foals from Hersir frá Lambanesi. They are brave and beautiful horses with a high-raised and well-set neck, and well-muscled back and hindquarters. Among our young horses there are offsprings from Hnokki frá Fellskoti, Þokki frá Kýrholti, Hraunar frá Efri-Rauðalæk, Teigur vom Kronshof and many more.