The "Islandpferdehof Blumencron"...

... is situated close to Hamburg in northern Germany. Established and run by the "Müller von Blumencron" family our farm is a family business. 

We take care many horses in a very beautiful surrounding. The grassland is situated directly beside the stable. We have an oval track (200 m), a dressage ring (40 m x 20 m) and an idyllic riding area that invites for both short and long trips with the horse.

Some parts of the old buildings are more than 200 years old. It was only 25 years ago that the old millhouse standing beside the small stream Mühlenbek was still used for grinding cereals. Unfortunately for many years nobody cared for the interesting history of the buildings and area. This old mill was the center life for the people in the surrounding area. The millhouse, a bakehouse, an old shed, a pigsty and the main residential building fell victim to wind and weather, woodworms and rotting. When we purchased the “New Mill” in 2005, branches had already destroyed some parts of the building roofs, the foundation was cracked from moisture, and parts of the old framework were rotten. However, the start of a very exciting time – beginning with hard work on restoration and renewal. Now after five years the most important preventive measures have been taken and a very idyllic place in the nature has now become the home to many horses and the place where people enjoy spending their time on weekends. 

Some old pictures you find in here: Die Mordmühle


The main building built in 1858.



The old style of the historic buildings is visible in many small details. 



The old coach and carriage house was entirely reconstructed.



In 2012 a new terrace was built on the front of the old coach and carriage house.


The new stable built in 2010



Oval track which is 200 meters long.


Round Pen