About us



Oliver, Daniel and Marina are the heart and soul of the Muller von Blumencron family. They are the three children of Christine and Micheal who work just as hard to keep the family farm successful.

Each of the siblings work as a horse trainer and teacher. Marina is IPZV-Trainer-B, young horses trainer und IPZV-Sport-Judge C. Oliver and Daniel specialize in the farrier business mainly servicing Icelandic Horses with clients at their farm and the surounding areas.

Christine aids support to the farm with her knowledge in acupuncture and veterinary science. She is responsible for the horse’s health and welfare.

When we started our farm in Neue Mühle, close to Hamburg, our friends were very skeptical of the idea. On the map the land and buildings were marked as ruin. For the past 30 years nobody had taken care for the old buildings, or done any maintenance or restoration.

None of our friends had thought at that time, that our farm would be as successful as it has become. Indeed there was lots of work that needed to be done in the following years and still in the future. Nevertheless we believe we are on the right track and in the future we will building a riding hall, a new stallion barn and some holiday flats in the millhouse.

In March 2013, we purchased a second farm close to Göhrde, Niedersachsen which is about one hour of car driving from our main farm in Neue Mühle. We are very excited about the promising future of this property. The plans for this property are to build holiday flats/condos in the popular region. This will allow the guests to enjoy the picturesque view of the Naturpark Göhrde  on foot or horseback.